Elva Hreiðarsdóttir

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I am inspired by nature and it feeds my work. It is not always the landscape, broad mountains, rivers or vegetation, but the lines and shapes that appear in its crumbling cliffs, broken basalt columns and weathered rocks.  

The journey through these landscapes is an important part of my creative process: I take photographs and sketches of new ideas, and bring these back to my studio to continue working on. I make printing plates by sketching, gluing, cutting and varnishing. After this I make the print, and the result is often unexpected.

The lines and forms in rocks remind me of  how nature is constantly creating and recreating itself.  I put certain natural elements into new contexts, which are not necessarily recognizable. I seek tranquility out in nature, and I try to express it in my work. 

Elva Hreiðarsdóttir - Grafík

Elva Hreiðarsdóttir - Grafík